Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Grant opportunity.

The Intermountain Funder Network (IMWFN) has announced the launch of a small grants program for locally based nonprofits in the eight-state region of Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico, and the eastern regions of Washington, Oregon, and California.

The primary focus of the program is to identify and fund examples of innovations that can help expand thinking about how a community or region can engage its constituents to create innovative solutions to a variety of topical issues, including sustainable land use, water, public lands, etc. IMWFN intends for these grants to support authentic community engagement that leads to environmentally sustainable, socially equitable, and economically prosperous regions and communities. Grant mounts will range from $2,500 to $15,000. 

More information about IMWFN may be found at the website:

If this sounds like a good fit for your organization, Cloudlancer Writing Services would be happy to assist you in determining whether you qualify, and in writing the proposal.

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