Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Shifting focus

There comes a time when everything that can be said on a subject has been said, at least in the absence of new data.

That's kind of where this blog is at now. When you start repeating yourself, it's time to move on.

The purpose of the blog was, and is, to assist new or struggling organizations in achieving greater success. In many cases, my mail tells me that mission has been accomplished.

I am aware that every day brings new people into the marketplace, whether it is in the nonprofit or for-profit sectors. If this blog was monetized, then prospecting for new fledgling businesses to advise would be useful, to me if not to you.

That was never my intention. The primary reason the blog exists is to provide free information and hopefully to prevent the readers from making expensive newbie mistakes.

Lately however, most of my mail has been from people looking to game the system.  The only mission most of them have is to scam the public and incidentally, figure out how to get rich doing it.

Those are not the people that any legitimate grant writer or consultant wants to help.

In the future, the blog will probably focus on RFP notices, trends and legislative issues that impact nonprofits and small businesses. In some cases it might stray into political climate changes affecting those groups.

Readers that specifically request "Climbing the Ladder  to Nonprofit Success" can still receive a PDF copy by emailing me at rightwords@ida.net, and of course I am still available at that email for grant writing, business plans and funding research services for qualified entities.

To those following the blog, if you have specific, germane questions about the process of running a successful nonprofit or small business, feel free to ask questions using the comment section. I'm always available for consulting services as well.

It's been a great ride. To all of you struggling to make the world a better place, my hat's off to you. 

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